Sparehand QSP-360 Cargo Bar


Maximum Weight Capacity: The cargo bar has a maximum capacity of 175 Lbs, making it suitable for holding various types of cargo in place.
Adjustable Length: The QSP-360 cargo bar can be adjusted from 42″ to 72″ in length.  This adjustable feature allows it to fit across the back of different sizes of SUV or trucks.
Material and Finish: The cargo bar is constructed from heavy-duty steel.  This sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity.

Versatility: This is more than a cargo bar. This is also a versatile support tool.  Use in vertical direction to support weight up to 175 lbs.

Installation: Pull to length with the rachet mechanism.  Rotate cargo bar to lengthen and tighten.

Prop 65 WARNING for California residents: Learn More